Tuesday, October 27, 2015



So many people enjoy eating burgers! In America, they love burgers SO much that they have a special day: National Burger Day devoted just to hamburgers! They celebrate National Burger Day every year in America on May 28th. Some of the Americans take advantage of National Hamburger Month (May) to eat more than their fill of burgers! 

Fun facts about burgers:

1. Americans can eat up to 50 billion burgers a year, which is equivalent to three burgers a week for a single person-in the United States. (U.S.) That sure is a lot of beef.

2. Despite the American popularity, actual hamburgers were originated in Germany.

3.Hamburgers are also called the Liberty Sandwich because soldiers during World War One wanted to avoid using the German name.

Burger ingredients:

ground meat (beef/pork mixture)

butter or vegetable oil
white bread or 1 piece of French bread


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