Sunday, December 6, 2015

Bubble tea

Bubble Tea Everyone loves bubble tea, right? Bubble tea is especially popular because of its chewy tapioca balls and sweet flavour. Bubble tea, also known as pearl-milk tea, or boba-milk tea can be found in various shops, including:

  • Chatime
  • Cuppacha
  • Aobaba
...and many more.

Bubble tea is made up of quite a few ingredients, such as:
  • Bubbles (chewy tapioca balls as mentioned above)
  • Milk tea
  • Fruits (Sometimes)
  • sweet flavourings: sugar, honey, condensed milk, etc.
Here are a few pictures of bubble tea:

Fun fact:

One of the most popular bands in Korea, EXO contains a member, Sehun that has fallen in love with bubble tea :) 
Check out for more information about Sehun (and EXO)
    <3 Sehun Exo

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