Monday, February 1, 2016

Chinese New Year food!!!

Hey guys! Sorry I haven't updated my blog in so long. Anyway, today's topic is about:

Chinese New Year Foods

There are lots of different CNY (Chinese New Year) Foods, but here are 3 of the most popular CNY goodies among Chinese people:

  • Yuzu Pineapple tarts
Pineapple tarts are amazing. They are crumbly on the outside, and sweet inside. They are popular because of their salty outer crust, and their sweet inside pineapple mix. 
Chinese New Year Yuzu pineapple tarts from Bakerzin

  • Walnut and longan pineapple pastries
Instead of pineapple tarts, chefs have baked a creative dish for us to enjoy. This pastry replaces the pineapple tarts with longan and walnut for a stronger and better flavour to be enjoyed more by people.
Chinese New Year walnut and longan pineapple pastries from Thye Moh Chan  

  • Mandarin orange lava cakes
Last but not least, the lava cakes. This cake is just like any ordinary lava cake, like a chocolate lava cake. But instead of chocolate, an orange-flavoured liquid replaces the sweet taste. The orange-coloured bun is being steamed and filled with orange paste to fill the steamed bun with a sweeter taste, sweeter than chocolate.(just kidding :)) 
Chinese New Year Mandarin orange lava cakes from Smoulder

Happy New Year!!!


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