Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Everyone loves Starbucks. Seriously, if you hate Starbucks, you are not man. Look at how many people queue up for countless hours just to get a Starbucks drink:

Anyway, today's topic is going to be about the most famous 3 drinks from Starbucks: 

  1. Passion tea lemonade
This drink is especially for the healthy ones. Half lemonade, half iced tea, this drink is great for hot days! It has a hibiscus, floral aroma that will tempt you to buy more.

   2. Iced caramel macciato

This drink is more for coffee lovers. It has a strong taste of coffee and is great for waking you up when you are falling asleep. You can order a single-layered caramel coffee or with extra caramel sauce. This is the sweetest drink among the 3.

          3. Captain crunch frappucino 

This last drink is for the cereal lovers. It is made from strawberries and cream, then is topped with captain crunch cereal, followed by two shots of toffee and hazelnut. It is favourited among children.

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